Writing blogs

I have taken a break from polishing my novel. The time I spend from writing was instead invested in discovering writing blogs. Curiosity about self publishing lead me to read blogs where writers eschewed traditional publishing. Curiosity about what authors have to say, other than the words they’ve managed to get published, lead me to other blogs.

I find keeping a blog a much harder to do than when I wrote a weekly column. Perhaps I don’t treat the blog as something that must be done, that I have a deadline that must be met. I want to get away from that roller coaster. Yet I find deadlines abound. I set a deadline to finish my rewrite by month’s end. Will I make my deadline? No. I set a deadline to write a blog every week. Did I? No. My excuse is: the time it takes to find an idea and write about it is time away from polishing my novel. I have high hopes for it. I believe it is the one manuscript that will catch people’s attention. It has been the object of my sweat and blood for months on end.
So why do I even mess with blogging?
I suppose it’s the same reason I ventured into the world of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I know that at some point these platforms will help me in the mysterious ways of social networking. But for now, it’s time to get back to getting that novel published.
Then I’ll worry about blogging.

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