One of my favorite learning tools comes from ‘The Book Doctors,’ who posted this:

‎”I met a young woman the other day, and she said, what advice would you have for a writer, and I said it would be to work every day. But then she said, and how do you get to know someone like Ira Glass? And I said, that’s not the point. You don’t befriend people for that reason. . . . Your job is to write. The rest of it will take care of itself. But, generally, it seems … you know how that is, you meet people and they have a talent for self-promotion. Those are the pushy people. And you know their writing’s not going to be any good, because that’s not their talent.” – David Sedaris

I knew this was true in print journalism. It’s good to hear someone say it who is a part of the other writing world.

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