Boat building

Lately, I’ve been posting the first few chapters of my detective novel on sites for critique. As well, I’ve offered it to my writing group for the same purpose. Once in a while, when someone asks what I’ve been doing lately, I tell them about the story, and if they express an interest, I send them a chapter or two.

I’ve come to the conclusion that writing a novel and talking about it with friends is like building a boat.
At first, the builder is so excited about his project he tells everyone, and kind listeners tolerate his prating on until the builder eventually begins to realize that perhaps only other boat builders are the ones interested in his misadventures.
Over time, the boat builder realizes that saying nothing is the best course, until the time comes when perhaps someone who expresses an interest in his project stops by for a look.
The boat builder eventually reaches the point where all his efforts must be focused on the boat, and that sharing it with others is time lost, with the exception of sharing some of his trials and tribulations with other boat builders, who offer excellent suggestions.
The boat builder knows that someday soon the boat will be ready for deep water and if all goes well, a christening will be a welcome. It is that moment the boat builder has firmly fixed in his mind. Everything else is the journey getting there.

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