Plodding through my journey

On the Women’s Fiction Writers site Laura Drake writes about plodding along to publication.

“I’m not smart. No, really. I had to work hard in school to get decent grades. I don’t think well on my feet. I’m a bit of a klutz, physically and socially. If you believe in ‘old souls,’ I’m not one of them. I learn by jumping in and flailing about, making mistakes until the right path presents itself.  I’m not being self-depreciating – I have assets. I just had to find what they were as I went along.
My biggest asset? I’m a plodder. I know, it’s not sexy. But that’s okay, because it works.”
How true. Writing poetry during my teen years then short stories in my 20s as the Navy took me places unimaginable only a few years before, all the while learning the craft of journalism and newspapering in order to earn a living. It’s all about plodding along.
It’s what I call a journey. Only I skipped the motorcycles.

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