Book Review: “Rosie” by Anne Lamott

RosieRosie by Anne Lamott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this to introduce myself to Anne Lamott’s work. I am glad I did. Despite its title, at first the story seemed to be about Elizabeth Ferguson, Rosie’s mother, and the people who populate her life: Andrew, Rosie, Rae and James. The story seems to unfold as a tiny family saga, from Elizabeth’s mother to Elizabeth to Rosie. But there is an imperceptible shift, from Elizabeth’s tumultuous inner life to Rosie’s life of becoming herself in a world where her one constant is her flawed, beautiful, patient-despite-herself mother. Lamott’s gift is her ability to simultaneously describe Elizabeth’s reckoning of her own faults, Rosie’s adventures with her best friend Sharon, and Rosie’s awareness of the mysterious world of grownups, one populated with kindness and understanding alongside cruelty and abuse. I was sad to come to the end of the book.

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