Where does your writing come from?

One of the many quotes attributed to Eudora Welty that I like is this:

“It is our inward journey that leads us through time – forward or back, seldom in a straight line, most often spiraling. Each of us is moving, changing, with respect to others. As we discover, we remember; remembering, we discover; and most intensely do we experience this when our separate journeys converge. Our living experience at those meeting points is one of the charged dramatic fields of fiction.”

As my life as a writer evolved from something in my youthful imagination to what it is today, I recognized the journeys of my life were ones of discovery. Not just physical travel, hurling from one destination to another. Nor spiritual self-examination, and that journey to one’s own enlightenment. It was experiencing what the world unfolded before me, and my reaction to it.  Separate journeys converged; a tapestry of life emerged. That is the source of my writing.

Where does your writing come from?

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