screen-shot-2013-02-25-at-11-01-21-pmA work colleague has said that now that she has finished college, writing seems very daunting. I know the feeling. When I was  in high school and early in my college years I began to take writing seriously, but also I studied music, specifically singing and composition. By the time I was 20 I knew that this path into music was not for me, and that I had to do something to leave that path.

But with no music scholarship, there was no money for school. After a series of dead-end minimum wage jobs I decided to enlist in the Navy as a journalist, to earn income, continue college, see the world, and pursue my dream of becoming a writer.  And the four things I mentioned came to pass: I saw the world, I continued my education, I earned an income, and I’ve been working as a writer/reporter/journalist ever since.

I have not given up on my dream of having my fiction published. And what inspires me every day are the many folks who break through, either traditionally or in the new media.  What inspired me recently was a story I just learned about the Oscar-winning director Ang Lee . He nearly quit pursuing his dream of making movies. I know I’ve nearly quit writing fiction. My work as a journalist has been rewarding, and I’m not sorry for one minute of it. But I know my true allegiance is to fiction, and in the very near future, my stories will be launched into the world. I have been inspired by many people, including Mr. Lee. I hope he inspires you, too, and that you pursue your dreams, whatever they may be.

So what are you doing to pursue your dreams?

(With many thanks to Roger Ebert tweet: “Ang Lee on what he told his father about why he decided to attend the Univ. of Illinois. Thanks to Michael Mirasol, and Irene Shih)

Ang Lee and Following Your Dream

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