Get it Right

Getting the news as it happens: Slate has an article about ‘expecting swings and misses.’

My least favorite thing about what is happening in this era of news via an unblinking camera, a tweet a minute, is that this type of news gathering is as messy as watching sausage, and laws, being made. Lots of stuff going into a product  that, in the end, is is supposed to be more flavorful than the sum of its parts.
I’ve spent a career in the newspaper business hearing news as it happens on a police scanner. It’s not my favorite thing. Unfolding news is occasionally dramatic, but the facts seldom come in any sort of useful order. 
The people who make such decisions decided to make the manhunt for the men accused in the Boston Marathon bombing a live television event. The usual mistakes were made. Candid does not even begin to describe television chatter.
I’m not sure this is how news should be presented to its customers. Raw, unedited, uncensored, mistake-filled, rumordriven is 
fine for some things, but the old news wire adage should be remembered: get it first, but get it right. It seems getting it first is now driving the news gathering bus. Getting it right, well, not so much. And that’s too bad.

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