Meet Shig Sato

Tokyo police Inspector Shig Sato comes to life in my debut ebook “The Gangster’s Son” now available for free on Smashwords, Nook, iTunes and Kobo. It’s a big part of my writing journey.FINIFN

The first in the Shig Sato Mystery series, Shigeru “Shig” Sato is a dedicated cop facing an unwanted retirement and his beloved wife’s terminal illness.  He returns to Azabu police station for his last month with the force, and joins with his old partner, Detective Ken Abe, as a sort of last hurrah. On his first night back, Sato and his team investigate the death of a young waitress behind a jazz  club. Then Sato learns that the club owner is the son of prominent crime boss Ses Fujimori. Ties between the Fujimoris and Satos go back a generation. It’s something the inspector has hidden from his police colleagues his entire career, and something he cannot escape, especially since he asked Fujimori for help in solving a case early in his career. Fujimori agreed, knowing that Sato would be in his debt. With his son now a murder suspect, what will Fujimori demand in return for his cooperation? What price will Sato pay to bring a young woman’s killer to justice?


During my journey through the writing life, a story about my time in Japan was always present in some form. I first went to that country as a young sailor in the US Navy, and returned several years later as a journalist and teacher. It’s where I fell in love, and where my son was born. It’s also the place where my writing life really began: observing people of an another culture, their art, their music, their lives. I began to realize people, despite differences in language and society and governments, are the same. When I started writing about my life as an expat in Tokyo, it took the form of a novel. Shig Sato is a spin-off from that unpublished novel. He’s a character I came to know well, and began to like very much. I hope you do to.

I suggest you download it, and when the holidays get to be a bit too much, give it a read. It will take you to a world of cops, gangsters, jazz clubs, an American Marine far from home falling in love with a beautiful Japanese girl, the spoiled son of a prominent crime family, a wealthy industrialist with a wayward daughter, and a police inspector at one of life’s crossroads, one he dreads, but must face.

Thanks to all of you for your  support.

One thought on “Meet Shig Sato

  1. I’ll look for this and try to give it a read in the near future. Great work!
    Feel free to read some of my own writing (for free!) on my website…

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