Brave New 2014

I hate to say goodbye to 2013.

It was a year of personal triumphs, paternal pride, and the year my Shig Sato Mystery series was launched. I accomplished many of my goals. As this year ticks into history, I am satisfied.

So what do I do for an encore?free-food-clipart-4

Very helpful people have been sharing excellent advice. I’ve been deep into “Write. Publish. Repeat.” Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn is nothing but a treasure trove of information. Rachel Thompson at BadRedheadMedia has the snark and common sense patter down — I always try to follow her advice.

My writing group is just the best. Nikki and Steve and Lizzy and Angel and Robby and past  members all helped me to keep putting one foot in front of another, stay the course, and continue on my writing journey. I received valuable assistance from Dianne, Ellen and Beth. Ann is always there for me.

Getting closer, going further: the closer I get to my reaching my writing goals and living the writing life, the further I go into this wild adventure.

I am so ready for 2014.

Who’s with me?

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