Ready, set, WAIT! Blogging?

Road leading to the ocean with 'slow' painted on itJeff Goins.

Darren Rowse

Jeff Friedlander.

Michael Stelzner.

That’s just four of the great people giving great advice about blogging. They appear in my email weekly, if not more often. Blog blog blog.

A person can get sick of it.

I know you do. I do. I write fiction. I work at a newspaper. I’m writing and editing all the time. Why do I have to blog? Who has the time?

All good questions.

I don’t have the answer. These folks listed above, and many others, have plenty to say.

As for me, I’ve been wondering what to offer my readers. I started this blog six years ago in the fashion of a weekly column: my travel down the road to publishing. I’d had several novel-length manuscripts rejected dozens of times, and this thing called self-publishing still had the faint odor of ‘desperate’ to it. Ebooks were in their infancy. Writers like me who couldn’t even find a publishing gatekeeper, much less get past one, were sitting up and noticing. What ABOUT ebooks?

Well, here we are, October 2014. I took one of my novels, took a character from it and turned it into a mystery series. Since THE GANGSTER’S SON came out last November I’ve done EVERYTHING wrong when it comes to marketing and promotions — but I’m learning as I go. Much like blogging.

Going back four years when I began to think of this blog as something other than an amusement, I’ve wondered what it’s purpose could be. Thanks to Jeff Goins’ recent Intentional Blogging series, I’ve been giving a lot more thought to the blog’s purpose.

It’s not really about my journey to publishing. It’s about everyone’s journey. One thing I’ve learned since embarking on this trip as an indie author entrepreneur: We’re all in this together. Some of us will do well, some of us will do the best we can. But we can all have each other’s back.

The reason I decided on sticking with the indie route is what I’ve witnessed among my musician friends – Play gigs, connect with the audience, build a fan base, sell some merch, but DO YOUR OWN THING and keep doing it. Support local indie artists.

That’s where this blog is heading. There will be some trips to other destinations, but it’s all about supporting indie authors on the road to publication.

See you down the road.

2 thoughts on “Ready, set, WAIT! Blogging?

  1. The “do your own thing” theme is important to us, too. On the one hand, we do keep our audience in mind. On the other hand, it’s terrific to have the freedom to photograph, write about and publish only those things that are interesting and meaningful to us – with no external pressure to do more or less than just that. We look forward to checking out Goins’ International Blogging series you referenced. Thanks!

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