Amazon in India, the World’s Most Avid Readers

Speaking of marketing …. Let’s see what’s happening in India.

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Who Spends the Most Time Reading in the World?  INDIA  It took the Western world a bit by surprise, that the most avid readers can be found in India. See the info-graphic by Publishing Perspectives. Canada is #21, Germany #22 and the USA #23 …

David Gaughran wrote:”The Indian market has huge potential: a burgeoning middle class which speaks English and enjoys an increasing level of disposable income. Skeptics might point to high levels of poverty and low levels of internet connectivity, but with a population of 1.2 billion, only a very small percentage of the population needs to purchase devices (or read on existing devices such as lap tops or smartphones) before this is an extremely important market.”
. posted on July 2, 2013:  Amazon’s Perfect Timing for India – Why Jeff Bezos’ late India entry will work to the company’s advantage.  Business Today wrote: Amazon launches…

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