The Japanese Mafia, an American GI and a dead girl. How can you not read this book?

Very humbled and flattered with this review. Hats off to Dave for putting it together so nicely.

Dave Adair

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The Gangster’s Son, by Joseph Mark Brewer

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REVIEW: This was a classic detective novel set in Tokyo, with the larger-than-life Shig Sato taking control of a high-profile murder investigation. Is the murderer the American GI boyfriend, the mafia, or some other random act of cruelty? This story has a handful of storylines that Joe Brewer meshes together seamlessly. His writing is tremendous and the book is one of those rare stories that flows perfectly and never tries to out think itself.

I give a very high recommendation to The Gangster’s Son.

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DAVE: You clearly have a passion for detective stories. Where did that come from?

JOE: My fascination with detective novels began when I was quite young and my sister give me a copy of The Hound of the Baskervilles. I had to know everything about Sherlock Holmes, and that led to…

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