Shig Has Gone From Here to There

Hello Everyone!

For some time I’ve been thinking about Brave New Deadline and the role it plays in my writing life. I have always been a writer split between fiction and non-ficition. I cannot see having one without the other; that’s just how I am. My yin and my yang, as it were.

Brave New Deadline began life as a place on blogspot for random thoughts, essays and rants. As I developed an interest in publishing my stories and going the indie route, I knew I had a home for launching the adventure.

But now I’ve come to realize that the fiction and the non-fiction need their own homes. Separate bedrooms.  Whatever.

My good friend Shig Sato and his world, and all my other fiction – mystery, history, short, flash, and whatever is in between – can now be found at Brave New Deadline will remain a place for comments, questions, concerns, essays, and other non-fiction scribbles. For the Shig Sato Mystery series, and another project in the pipeline for 2016 (!) please catch up on all the news at


Joseph Mark Brewer is a journalist and author of the Shig Sato Mystery series. To get a copy of  The Gangster’s Son click here . To get a copy of  Shig Sato Book 2 The Thief’s Mistake visit his Smashwords page or Kindle page or visit his website


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