Book Review of the Week: On the Black

On the Black

Theo Cage81ijmdVYzdL._SL1500_

Format: Kindle Edition

★★★★ 4 Stars

Great Writer, Great Story

I feel quite lucky to have received Theo Cage’s On the Black for review. There is everything to like in this page-turner. Action, espionage, compelling and believable characters, and a plot that could be ‘ripped from the headlines.’
In On the Black, we learn that Burroughs Rice was always good at his job. It just happened to be killing people for his government. Then one day he walked away, put himself in isolation in a cabin in Washington State. He knew there would be certain people looking for him. He was prepared for that day.
And the tale Theo Cage spins is a thrilling read that cannot be put down. The action, the pacing, the characters – at one point I didn’t know how Cage could pull off writing about so many dire situations. But he’s a resourceful man and knows how to tell a story: bikers, the mafia, a witness on the run, and FBI man on the outs, a crew loyal to Burroughs Rice, and creepy government kingpins anyone would like to eliminate if they had half a chance.
Be prepared to be taken in by the whole story and be prepared to become a fan of Theo Cage. Great writer, great story.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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