The Electoral Count as it stands; buckle up for the final week, and if there’s a 269-269 tie…

Food for thought…


screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-9-14-53-amSee total electoral counts for each candidate below.The darker the red, the more certainty there is that the state will go for Trump. Over the coming week, pay close attention to polling in the light blue and pink states.

In putting this map together at RealClear Politics, I took into account a combination of multiple recent polls for each state, historical voting patterns and current trends for each candidate. Dark blue indicates solid support for Clinton; dark red for Trump. While this map still projects a Clinton victory on November 8, her margin is tenuous – 288 to 250. Under this model, while Clinton could afford to lose either Colorado or North Carolina, she could not afford to lose both. Pennsylvania remains, essentially, a must win.

Meanwhile, Trump’s path to victory has significantly improved in recent days. He would need to hold his leads in all the pink states (in…

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