Happy New Year!

An old chapter closes, a new chapter begins.
So what is it about a New Year? You may have celebrated too much, too little, or just right. It’s nice to start the new year with a holiday!
Nearly every culture marks the passage of time in a unique way, either by celebration, religious observation, communing with family and friends, or eating special foods. For example, it is the most important holiday on the Japanese calendar. The country, basically, shuts down for three days! 
Believe me, I can remember way back when — walking the streets around Tokyo’s Ginza at Midnight of the New Year and you could have rolled a bowling ball down the middle of the street and not hit anything for many blocks. I never saw the streets so deserted. Everyone was home with family and loved ones — or at a great party!
Shogatsu – New Yearsis a three-day event!

TokyoNewYearThis video clip shows some of the sayings and customs around the holiday. And there are many traditions surrounding the holiday – starting off with deep cleaning the house in time for midnight January 1st! But some traditions endure, such as eating a special food item, gifts of money, and the year’s first visit to a temple or shrine is in order as well.

I took some time off from Brave New Deadline. I retired from journalism – but not from observing the world around me. It’s interesting times, indeed

I’ll be back on a somewhat regular basis in 2019, sharing what I see.

And remember – comments always welcome.

Til next time….


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