Brave New Deadline is a blog with posts, comments, articles, links and story excerpts by Joseph Mark Brewer.

I have always been a reader. I read the two newspapers my folks had delivered every day. I read the Newsweek magazine my sisters had for their high school classes. One day I saw a cover story about Singapore and didn’t know where it was. I looked for it on the globe in my room and saw it was on the other side of the world. My world was a small city in Ohio. At that moment I realized I could read about things happening on the other side of the world. It made me want to learn more.

My sister gave me a copy of The Hounds of the Baskervilles. I devoured it and everything else Arthur Conan Doyle wrote. From then on I was hooked on mysteries. It made me want to read more.

My family traveled a lot when I was young. I liked traveling. When I was fifteen I saw New York City for the first time. I then realized the world was open to me, and it was up to me to see as much of it as I could. It made me want to travel more.

I enlisted in the Navy as a journalist and learned how to tell stories. I became a writer. And I traveled to over 30 cities in more than 20 countries, including Singapore. Five years were spent living in Japan, where my son was born. Five more years were spent in Canada.

My life’s work has been as a journalist, author, and editor, and I believe in the power of telling a good story. I aim to tell stories that entertain, spark some interest in a topic, and share stories from other writers of all backgrounds. Sometimes I’ll do some reporting, and list sources. Sometimes I won’t.ย The views I express here are my own.

I invite you to join me. I blog about writing and the writing life at josephmarkbrewer.wordpress.com. Don’t forget to visit my website www.josephmarkbrewer.com and you can send me an email at joe@josephmarkbrewer.com.


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