Short Stories

I’ve been writing short stories for more than three decades. Mostly to amuse myself and my friends, and along the way, I realized I was learning the craft of writing fiction. Some of them will appear here from time to time.

In Margarita Mix, a young man realizes that when it comes to his dreams, he’s on his own. Click here to read Margarita Mix.

In Nothing But The Truth, a neighbor bears witness to a young man’s troubled life, holding back nothing. Click here to read Nothing But The Truth.

To read the first chapter of The Gangster’s Son, Book 1 in the Shig Sato Mystery series, click here.

To get your copy of The Gangster’s Son, click here.


Joe Brewer is a journalist, author, parent, and veteran. He has worked at publications in Japan, Canada, and the United States. Brave New Deadline is a continuation of a newspaper column created in 1992. Email him at 

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